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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Let Me Be Clear - Harper's Canada is nothing but. My Original Painting after the style of Heironymous Bosch

LET ME BE CLEAR. 2015. Sherri 'Bones' Nelson

I have finished this piece today.  it is a work that has been taking shape in my head for a long while.

Let Me Be Clear doesn't feature a single skeleton (sorry!) however it is a surrealist piece where dark and light meet so I hope that it will not only delight regular viewers but also give my fellow Canadians something to think about as they make their way towards the October election.

detail view Let Me Be Clear, Sherri Bones Nelson, 2015

detail view Let Me Be Clear, Sherri Bones Nelson, 2015

detail view Let Me Be Clear, Sherri Bones Nelson, 2015

detail view Let Me Be Clear, Sherri Bones Nelson, 2015

the viewer is encouraged to sift through the many details to find hints at the issues and representations of how I perceive my country to have changed.  A small sample of the issues highlighted in this piece are:
  • destruction of our environment & selloff or our resources,
  • the devaluation of our currency and the credit/housing bubble
  • the PMO's disregard for justice & the Constitution
  • the PMO's callous treatment of Veterans and First Nations peoples.

If you have the time I'd love to hear thoughts in the comment section.  The truth is that Canada has suffered under this regime and I hope I have provided a work that can be used as a reference point someday in the future but also as a tool for discussion right here, right now.

Remember -- 
The blackest darkness is broken by a single ray of light.
Each one of us embodies that light.  It's up to us.



  1. This is wonderful. I absolutely love it! BTW, I don't know if I followed up to let you know or not, but my mother has hung the painting I purchased for her in the sunroom where she views it with joy.

    1. HI! Oh my goodness it's so nice to hear from you!
      thanks for stopping in and looking at this piece. :) I could barely finish it, I thought of so many vignettes I wanted to work in, but the election was looming so I stopped myself so as to get it out there in time.

      I'm so glad your mom enjoys the painting! That's fantastic.
      Write any time!


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