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Friday, October 16, 2015

Repurposed Elvis Bust Thrift Store Find - Rockabilly Meets Day of the Dead

Musical Icon Makeover Before And After

Which do you like better?  On the left, we have tired, original Elvis - and on the right?  Well, now he's back in fighting form, bright and wicked.  

Selfie with the King, before we went to work.

One last look At the original Elvis Bust in his dirty, dull, weird-eyed state. 
Ideas of transformation were swirling in my mind - would he be a Talavera Elvis?  Would I go rockabilly?  The possibilities almost paralyzed me with indecision.

He was pretty filthy, to be honest. 
I couldn't tell how dire the situation was until I started scrubbing! He was a bisque piece, unglazed, so I knew the paint would stick.  But, that rough finish also meant that everything else he had been exposed to over the years stuck as well!

He needed several coats of gesso.

Roughing in the honnky-tonk inspired shirt design

Trying to reshape his chubby face was a challenge. 
You cannot believe the definition the mold maker had put into Elvis' lips!  Odd, really, when you consider how oddly undefined the eyes had been.  I knew the teeth were going to be a showstopper one way or the other.  

still struggling to put my 2D concept and habits onto this 3D form

Taking shape, but his eyes are looking too large and give him a sort of owl-like vibe which is too innocent for my liking

Just a little more work to do.
It has been said that the secret is to know when to stop.  I wasn't 100% pleased with him yet, but it was getting to the point where I didn't really have anything else I could or wanted to add.  It was a matter of tweaking now, and then glazing with some tints mixed in.  

And finally... he came together for me!

"Elvis Has Left the Grave" by Sherri Bones Nelson, 2015
This fantastic , one of a kind original art piece is for sale now either through my website or my Etsy shop.  Buyers outside of the US or Canada will have to allow me to package him up and take him to the Post Office for a shipping quote, since the Canada Post shipping calculator is giving me a hard time today.  Links below:



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