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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Artist / Educator

I've been busy!  I wish I could say I had a dozen new creations to share, but alas, my business was not in making art - it was in learning how to teach it!  Two weeks in a row I spent from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening at a course put on by the Royal Conservatory of Music and sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council.

The Course, called Artist/Educator Foundations, was held at the Pump House Steam Museum (I know, right?  Steam has a museum??)

Pump House Steam Museum (west side)

Pump House Steam Museum 
The course was amazing, led by co-instructors Ciara Adams and Andrea Piller (Andrea, if you're reading this, I'll gladly put in a better link if you tell me where to find one! :) ) and attended by 22 professional artists from in and around Kingston, Ontario.

I only have a couple of pictures besides the ones of the buildings, since once we got inside it was GO GO GO all the time, but have a look at what I did manage to snap in my twenty seconds of spare time:
One of the projects we worked on exploring materials and lines

The space was cramped, there was nowhere to put coats or lunches, you could barely move between chairs and you were lucky to get a seat at a table.  There was no coffee or food within 3 blocks, the bathrooms were directly off the main room and there wasn't even a water-fountain.  BUT.. the people were AMAZING and it was such a wonderful time - I learned a lot about lesson planning, the dynamics of a classroom, and so much more on a personal and professional level.

A great experience - if you can go, you should!  check out the Royal Conservatory of Music's website, or look through the Ontario Arts Council's opportunities.  You never know where your next adventure lies!

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