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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Making Wrapped Canvas prints! Day of the Dead ready to hang & in time for Christmas!

I have had more and more requests for canvas versions of my prints so this week I experimented.  Could I manage this at home with the equipment that I have?  The answer turns out to be yes!  They look fantastic, and this way they can be displayed framed or not, giving Day of the Dead fans greater flexibility in terms of display.

I'm not going to reveal my secret, however I'm happy to say that these canvas prints of my Day of the Dead and Gothic paintings are waterproof unlike some of the other canvas reproductions I've encountered which run right off the frame if something splashes them.  

As a finishing touch I have hand painted the sides of each to match (mostly this means a solid colour and usually black is the best option).  The staples are tucked away in the back and I sign each one.  The largest size I can offer at this time is 11 x 14, but I can tell you that they look really impressive and I was thrilled to be able to pull this off!

As always, you can buy most of what I have to offer on one of my Etsy shops:
Or of course, on my web site:  Sherri Nelson Artworks

Ciao, bellas!

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